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clients from start-ups to Fortune
500 companies for 40 years.
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The secret to a winning marketing strategy lies in your value proposition and how it relates to your customers and prospective buyers.  Your value proposition is the foundation of your marketing and everything your company stands for. And, your value proposition can change over time (just ask McDonald’s, Blockbuster, or H&R Block). The inability to clearly articulate a relevant value proposition is directly attributable to 65% of all business failures.

Even from the foundation of a solid value proposition, if you view marketing as a series of static projects, you lose. Look at it as a process, and you’re in a position to dissect it, understand its fundamental elements, and move around competitive obstacles. That’s process-based marketing

Good marketing is never static.  It’s dynamic; it’s fluid; it ebbs and flows. It’s communication. As such, it’s always a function of process. In effect all effective marketing is process-based marketing.

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