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Process Based Marketing:
the use of automation tools with a marketing database to produce marketing communications not as a static, episodic series of messages, but as a natural, ongoing, two-way flow of communications, or process.

Process Based Marketing: The Background

“The internet promises to give marketing the same boost in productivity that new operational strategies have given to manufacturing… It will take us to a world where process, not product, is king.”

“Processes like these [will] transcend brands… This process-based approach, focused on creatively meeting customer needs, is certainly a welcome alternative.”

Peter Sealey,
HBR, July/Aug, 1999


What is Marketing Management?

“To survive, companies must move from power and control to empowerment and cooperation . New methods such as sales automation, integrated marketing, process-based marketing , or digital media access must be employed”

David Parmerlee   


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