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I even have had the privilege of
serving "Dear Abby" as a client!
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Hi.  My name is Ted Loken.  I’m a marketing guy.  I’ve been engineering creative and innovative marketing strategies for clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies for 40 years, both nationally and internationally. 

I founded an ad agency.  I sold out to Carmichael-Lynch, a nationally recognized ad agency, was with them for 12 years, and went on to head up a mid-sized database marketing agency for a several years.  Then, I spent over 20 years in my own marketing consultancy, ProcessBased Marketing, where I am today.   That work was interspersed with about 4 years at Experience Engineering, the company that founded the category of Customer Experience management.   

Half my career was dedicated to direct marketing and database marketing, although it’s hard to categorize it that way.  That work included sales strategies, sales lead generation, and sales lead management.  It naturally evolved into measurement strategies, predictive scoring, model design and development, and eventually multi-variate design, or, as more commonly referred to, as statistical design or experimental design.  That correspondingly led to a great deal of work in the areas of customer analysis and customer segmentation.  Some of that work led into attitudinal segmentation, which I found fascinating. 

In the middle of all that I served for nearly 10 years as adjunct faculty for Metropolitan University, part of the Minnesota State College system.  I was able to serve as a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota, St. Thomas University and the community college system.  I was a frequent speaker for the Direct Marketing Association, The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies), and the national Advertising Federation. 

I’ve been privileged to win some recognition and a lot of awards, both regionally and nationally, along the way.  I spent about 10 years on the board of the Midwest Direct Marketing Association. I was a member of the 4A’s Direct Response Advertising Council for 8 years.  I also served as an advisor on ethical direct marketing practices for the Advertising Review Board in Minnesota. 

However, in this business the proof of the pudding lies in the results for your clients.
My results speak for themselves.  I guided a division of one Fortune 500 client from $4 million to over $90 million in annual ancillary revenue.  I served with another consultant to help a Fortune 500 client get out of a dying business and into a new business, doubling their size in 8 years.  Working with a talented team, we drove new customer acquisition for a start-up from 0 customers to 135,000 paying customers in 12 months. One client selling through distributors thought their ultimate buyers were affluent; in reality those buyers were middle to lower income and the revelation increased sales the next year by 30%. 

Overall, I can count 28 companies in the Fortune 500 who were long term clients (2 years, or more).  There were a lot more small to mid-sized companies.  The strangest, and largest, thing I ever sold was large scale boring equipment – machines that can drill tunnels 20 feet in diameter through earth and rock.   The most expensive was computer networking systems that sold for a minimum of $5 million each.  The selling cycle was 3 – 5 years.  The smallest thing I sold was cookbooks for Pillsbury.  I even had the privilege of serving “Dear Abby” as a client. 

Perhaps you need to increase sales.  Maybe you’re stuck and can’t seem to get your marketing or sales effort moving.  Worse yet, if you find your company in a place where your value proposition isn’t clear, call me.  Maybe I can help.


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