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"You can't manage what you don't measure."

Ted Loken
ProcessBased Marketing


How We Increase Your Productivity

30 years of direct response experience.
That’s not 30 years of making up pretty messages. It’s 30 years of getting the cash register to ring, or bringing in qualified sales leads. That is, 30 years of measurable results.

20 years of reinventing marketing strategies.
Marketing easily gets stuck. The biggest marketing challenge most companies think they face is how to update the web site and increase sales by 2.5% next quarter. Bit marketing can and should be the agent of change, and process-based marketing can show you how to get there. It’s about fast turnarounds, quick testing techniques, and pilot programs that can deliver results in 120 days. It’s about finding the new equation in time to impact this year’s results.

It’s not about 2–3% improvements; it’s about 30, or 50 or even 100% increases. A 5% increase in the sales plan won’t shake up the board of directors. Ground-shaking results require audacious goals.

10 years of leadership in the automated marketing communications (AMC) arena. We engineered our first automated systems in 1996. We developed the concept for one of the most successful AMC systems on the market today. Every company says, “Oh, we’re capitalizing on automation.” But less than 1% of all companies are doing anything more than giving it lip service. If you want marketing efforts that are going to be best of breed in today’s environment, you’d better be capitalizing on automation strategies.

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