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Ted Loken has more than 30 years
of experience helping companies
across the U.S. apply cutting-edge
direct marketing technologies and
tools to their businesses
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Process Based Marketing:
The next step in the evolution of databased marketing

We’re in the midst of a migration from mass communications to mass customization. A mass, batch-based work environment discourages personalization and results in:
  • Decreasing response and conversion rates signaling the demand for improved targeting and offers.
  • Decreasing loyalty and increasing attrition indicating the demand for greater brand and message relevancy.
  • Declining sales productivity in an increasingly volatile buying environment.  

Mass customization moves away from the old methods to a dynamic, new, technological approach to the marketing communications development. Process-based marketing:

  • Increases opportunities to tailor communications to the specific prospect or customer.
  • Automates processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Moves from a static message, volume-driven approach to automation technologies that facilitate delivering the right message at the right time—without small batch penalties.
  • Aligns strategy with technology to produce greater impact at lower costs with reduced impact on resources.The bottom line is that process-based marketing increases relevance and timeliness, which makes a greater impact and, most importantly, increases response rates!

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